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Founded in 1913, The Young Men's Business League (YMBL) is one of the oldest and most respected social service organizations in Austin. For 100 years, the YMBL has built today's young professionals into tomorrow's leaders by creating connections, fostering leadership development, and serving the Austin Sunshine Camps.

With more than 240 active members and a growing alumni base, the YMBL facilitates the most established network of young businessmen in Austin, providing a platform for members to connect through a variety of social and service opportunities, cultivating life-long personal and professional relationships. In addition to hosting events such as the Austin Under 40 Awards (in partnership with the Young Women's Alliance) and the Silicon Labs Sunshine Run, the YMBL also hosts an Annual Golf Classic, Spring and Fall Flings and offers various activity groups for members to connect around the hobbies they enjoy, such as golf, hunting and fishing and the YMBL BBQ Group.

Founded in 1928, YMBL's major philanthropic endeavor in time and money is the Austin Sunshine Camp (ASC). ASC serves more than 800 low-income, high potential children every summer and many more through year-round leadership and mentoring programs. The mission of the ASC is to engage and empower youth through education and outdoor experiences.

Austin Sunshine Camps

Established in 1928 by the Young Men's Business League of Austin (YMBL), the Austin Sunshine Camps (ASC) provides enrichment opportunities for low-income boys and girls of Central Texas for over eighty years. ASC staff and YMBL members work with the children during their signature summer camp programs and year-round academic programs to help develop the tools necessary to overcome the variety of difficulties they face in their day-to-day lives. The children are assailed on all fronts from challenges of poverty and family disintegration to the threats of drug abuse and violence. ASC's ultimate goals are to prepare today's high-potential, low-income Central Texas students for the challenges of tomorrow and help reduce the high school dropout. ASC accomplishes this through the cultivation of academically strong and socially conscious young men and women by fostering life skills and promoting educational success. Since it's inception, the Austin Sunshine Camps have served more than 46,000 children.

The Young Men's Business League's major philanthropic endeavor in time and money is the Austin Sunshine Camps. In support of the ASC staff, YMBL members volunteer countless hours mentoring and tutoring kids in yearlong ASC programs, participating in weekly summer camp activities and maintaining ASC facilities. Additionally, the YMBL supports the ASC by conducting an annual fundraising campaign and hosting signature events that benefit the ASC such as the Austin Under 40 Awards and the Silicon Labs Sunshine Run.


Sunshine Foundation

The Austin YMBL Sunshine Foundation was created in 1993 to support the goals of the YMBL Sunshine Camps, and to manage an endowment fund that was established in 1988 for the benefit of the YMBL Sunshine Camps. The Foundation provides:

1. College Scholarships

The Austin YMBL Sunshine Foundation provides college scholarships to qualifying students who have been involved with the YMBL Sunshine Camps or Leadership Programs. Since 1993, more than $250,000 has been awarded to over 30 students to attend colleges and universities across the nation. To better serve the young people involved in the programs of the YMBL Sunshine Camps, we intend to increase the distribution amounts as well as the number of scholarships offered each year.

2. Trade Scholarships

In order to serve students desiring to pursue a skilled trade after graduating from high school, the Ronney & Mary Reynolds Scholarship was established in 1996. Scholarships are awarded to qualifying students who have been involved with the YMBL Sunshine Camps or Leadership Programs, and who plan to attend trade or technical schools.

3. General Endowment

The Foundation is also structured to grow its funds to benefit the YMBL Sunshine Camps in the future through a recurring income stream or, if ever necessary, emergency funds.

4. Facilities Funds

We intend to extend the function of the Foundation by establishing balances to cover the on-going maintenance and repairs associated with the Sunshine Camp Facilities in Zilker Park and on Lake Travis.

We will continue to grow the Foundation to support these goals. Your contributions to the YMBL Sunshine Foundation (a 501c(3) organization) are tax-deductible. The organization accepts contributions for scholarships, facilities, as well as general contributions to the endowment or emergency funds.

For more information about how you can support the Foundation, please contact Foundation@SunshineCamps.org

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